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Today’s English Tip

When to Use “Ought to” instead of “Must”

When talking about one's responsibility/duties/ obligations! Say "Ought to" instead of saying "Must"

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“ A very Important mobile application for those who are preparing for an Admission exam or want to improve their vocabulary. It used space repetition technique very effectively. I recommend to check it out.”

Nasif Fuad

University Admission Student

“It's really a great platform. I used to dread learning vocabulary. But now for this app, I'm feeling confidence. The pronunciation with the words made learning easier a lot!”

Rukaiya Sharmin


“This app is so helpful in terms of learning vocabulary. This app is optimized, well-decorated, and has a user-friendly UI; I didn't face any bugs or glitches. And the way they chose to teach vocabulary, I have to appreciate it.”


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