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You get 42% less salary

Research says that Employees miss out on 42% more salary because of poor English skills.

You have poor academics

English is the major language for higher education. Learning English is a must.

You lag behind in real life

In this fast-paced world, getting left behind because of a lack of English skills is bad.

You miss the fun of traveling

Travel is fun when there is no language barrier. Good English lets you explore the world more.

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Become a Vocabulary Guru, ace your exam preparation

Struggling with Vocabulary is common for all students. Vocavive App is the BEST guided Vocabulary preparation app for exams like IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT, University Admission etc. Get access to everyday lessons, word libraries and 150+ practice exams.



Read better, secure better CGPA & grades

Are you from a non-English background? Getting dizzy by reading big English passages? Readvive improves your speed-reading ability with daily practices. Best investment you can make for your academic life, career growth.


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Today’s English Tip

When to Use “Ought to” instead of “Must”

When talking about one's responsibility/duties/ obligations! Say "Ought to" instead of saying "Must"

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A very Important mobile application for those who are preparing for an Admission exam or want to improve their vocabulary. It used space repetition technique very effectively. I recommend to check it out.

Nasif Fuad

University Admission Student

It's really a great platform. I used to dread learning vocabulary. But now for this app, I'm feeling confidence. The pronunciation with the words made learning easier a lot!

Rukaiya Sharmin


This app is so helpful in terms of learning vocabulary. This app is optimized, well-decorated, and has a user-friendly UI; I didn't face any bugs or glitches. And the way they chose to teach vocabulary, I have to appreciate it.


IELTS candidate

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