Stop Memorizing English.
Start Practicing.

Could you ever master your mother tongue watching videos? If not, then practice is the only way.

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What if you don’t practice English?

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You get 42% less salary in jobs

Researches say, employees may get upto 42% less salary because of poor English skills.

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You get poorer in academics

English is the major skill for Higher Education. So, learning English is a must for great academics.

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You lag behind from your peers

In this fast-paced-world, you are bound to lag behind — without strong command in English.

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You miss out on traveling

Traveling is not fun when there is language barrier. You need English for communicating.

Still thinking how to learn?

Still thinking how to learn?

You have been told to memorize English since school. It’s time to put a stop. We start where they failed. Let’s practice and win the battle.

Here’s how each of our services will help you

Learn 15 Vocabularies per day with Vocavive for 50 Tk only ($2.0)

You can never memorize vocabularies. Rather, play and practice to master 900 powerful words in 60 days.

Still thinking how to learn?

Why choose Vocavive for vocabulary?

900 words in 60 days

It’s hard to memorize 900 words. But we will make it easy with guided steps. 1 lesson per day.

Swipe the vocabs

Use our flash cards and swipe it to practice and memorize. Flash card is the most efficient method to learn vocabs.

Play with vocabs

Stop memorizing and play with the words. We have 3 contests everyday for you to practice, practice and practice.

100% moneyback

If we can’t teach you 900 vocabularies within 60 days. No second message, we guarantee 100% moneyback.

Recharge your Tense with Coursebook at 40TK/hr

Recharge your Tense
with Coursebook at

Last time you read Tense was years ago. Now is the time for a speed revision and practice. Give 8 hours of practice time in the app—and 80% of your grammar issues will be gone.

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Recharge with Context

We have made Tense easy to understand – with real life scenarios and context. You get to recharge your knowledge easily.

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Interactive Exercises

We could make a practice book and hold a Giveaway contest. The only reason we made it an app is to make learning more interactive for you.

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Learn from weakness

Very few people can avoid the common mistakes. You become proficient, when you know better about your weakness.

Speak English to learn English

Start becoming fluent by casually gossiping with peers and mentors, through monthly subscriptions. The curriculum you will be following has been created by language professionals.

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Speak English to connect with peers

Speaking without hesitation

You yourself will be talking with peers, and achieve perfect fluency. We will ensure that you are speaking confidently without hesitation.

Speak English to connect with peers

Connect with peers

Practice speaking with ease. You have the curriculum to help you. You won’t get mocked, rather you will get encouraged.

Speak English to connect with peers

Guided by expert mentors

Our mentors know how to give you the support you need. They will make sure you are speaking Correctly, Comfortably.

Speak English to connect with peers

Be Proficient

If 6 months’ practice with us doesn’t make you proficient in Spoken English, we will 100% return your money – without a question.

The biggest names in the industryTrust us, why not you?

Till date, we have served 30,000+ students in collaborating with

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IDP international education specialists

Learning vocabularies has never been easier.

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I found their English practicing platform very helpful. Initially I wanted to use the platform for just one month,

Tanzila Pinky

Housewife- living in KL, Malaysia

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BDT 800 Taka seemed very cheap for such a helpful platform, back when I started. My opinion is, with time their English practi

MD S.M. Shahin

HSC/College Student- Dhaka, Bangladesh

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I have been looking for a platform where people could practice spoken English with each other. Before, I used to feel shy to s

Shouvik Fouzder

Undergraduate Student at ULAB- Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Edvive, an education technology company based in Bangladesh has received a $50,000 pre-seed investment. Edvive is currently working with a multiverse of language learning apps to help learn a language in the most efficient way, said a press release. Four Bangladeshi technology investors led the amount with a collective experience of 20 years in the industry. Previously, Edvive received $300,000 of in-kind support from Microsoft and Google for startups. Additionally, they have received the Bangladesh government's IDEA project grant. Read more

In this fast paced world

Permanently lag behind or

secure your position with English skill


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