Getting Started With Vocavive: The App to Learn New Words Everyday for Competitive Exams

Vocavive is a vocabulary builder mobile app that lets you take the best vocabulary preparation for competitive and aptitude exams in English—like SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, University Admission etc. Within a year of publishing, the app has given 5,000+ students an app to learn new words everyday.

It is the ultimate app for improving your vocabulary preparation for exam tests. But, how? With a dynamic flashcard-styled learning. The app has a simple yet elegant user interface in lavender color.

Vocavive was designed specifically, to make your vocabulary preparation faster, efficient and easy. The team behind its development have faced the same challenges as students—that today, an estimated 30 million students face each year—in pursuit of vocabulary preparation. At its core, this app’s approach is to make you practice, practice and practice. As a learner, you do understand the importance of practice. When it comes to vocabulary, it’s even more important, and this is where Vocavive App shines.

At present, thousands of students have signed-up inside the app. With a simple annual subscription, anyone can get started using their Android phone.

Feeling like checking the app out? Get started by Downloading Vocavive App from Android PlayStore and Getting Your Subscription Now.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the Vocavive app, why you will find benefits and using this app—how you can navigate your way to great success in exams, academic life and communication skills.

Let’s get started.

Vpcavive is available on Android Playstore. Install Now. It's an app to learn new words everyday.
Available on Android Playstore. Install now.

How Vocavive Actually Improves Your Vocabulary

Previously we mentioned that Vocavive App has a practice-based approach for students. Let’s understand that more here.

For students, vocabulary preparation poses some very significant challenges. It’s often proved to be a very time-consuming and arduous process. For a student who wants to sit for a competitive or aptitude test, memorizing countless numbers of words will seem like a daunting task.

Without regular practice, a huge risk is that you will not remember these words within 2-3 days. In such traditional methods, students rely solely on rote memorization or dictionary, which is to learn by repeatedly memorizing words. What eventually happens is, students are not able to utilize those words anywhere, anymore. (More on learning vocabulary going beyond dictionaries)

However, the Vocavive app offers a solution that addresses these issues head-on.

In the app, there are 60 vocabulary lessons and all-together over 1500+ vocabulary. These are the most important English vocabulary words—common for exams. In each lesson, you can learn the words, the definitions, pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms, and then, practice. Practice a lot. There are 180+ practice tests which will make you memorize the words better.

Vocabulary Curated In Vocavive - an app to learn new words everyday for students.
Vocabulary Curated In 60 Lessons, and learnt in 5 steps.

A very key strength of the Vocavive app is its emphasis on active learning. Each lesson has 5 steps and 15 words grouped together. With each lesson, you learn the words and practice your learning, consequently. This way, learners are challenged to recall and apply the learned vocabulary in meaningful contexts and in an interactive display.

The output is incredible, and it’s vouched by our users. This active engagement improves your long-term word retention. You can remember words for a long, long time and know better to use them in daily life.

Second, it reinforces your learning technique. You won’t be piling up a bunch of memorized words—which your brain can not contain, rather learning as many words—as your brain can comprehend at one time. Say no to overlapping knowledge!

Vocavive – The App to Learn New Words Everyday for Competitive Exams

Vocavive is a game-like platform that caters specifically to the vocabulary needs of each exam. Whether it’s English learners who are wanting to ace their Competitive Exam Prep, or just improving your English communication, the app provides the ideal solution.

You are mastering words in an advanced flashcard technique—hailed by many experts and researches. You are learning and practicing both. You are also learning by applying the words in proper contexts. All of this helps a student not only build a strong vocabulary foundation but also formulate better communication skills beyond exams and into real life.

Let’s learn how Vocavive can help for each of these exams.

For Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

To excel in the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), a robust vocabulary is essential. The exam has a significant emphasis on verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, and analytical writing. All of these demands for a strong command of vocabulary! This is where Vocavive proves to be the optimal solution for GRE preparation.

In the verbal section, the GRE exam is scored on a scale of 130 to 170 for the verbal section. A good score is typically considered to be above 160. Achieving such a high score in the verbal section obviously requires a deep understanding of vocabulary.

The 900 essential words curated in Vocavive align perfectly with what an ideal GRE exam preparation requires. By swiping and tapping the flashcards, you are learning each word’s definition, pronunciation, synonyms, antonyms, along with 3 types of exercises—laying a solid foundation for success in the verbal section.

Vocavive App Can Help With A Robust Vocabulary To Ace Competitive Exams.
Vocavive App Can Help With A Robust Vocabulary To Ace Competitive Exams.

For Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

The GMAT exam is taken by individuals who aspire to pursue MBA or Masters in Business Schools. A competitive score on the GMAT typically ranges between 600 and 800. Higher scores may indicate to your preferred schools that you have a stronger-than-average aptitude skill, and potentially get great success if you are admitted.

Therefore, a strong vocabulary becomes essential for excelling in the verbal section of the exam. Vocavive App emerges as an invaluable tool to nail your GMAT Prep. With its curated list of 900 words and the structured lessons, GMAT aspirants can pull off the preparation effectively.

With Vocavive App, GMAT candidates can take an approach, which will help to approach critical reasoning questions, reading comprehension, and analytical writing skills—to achieve their desired scores necessary for admission to top-tier business schools.

For Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)

SAT Exam is primarily taken by high school students who want to pursue undergraduate education in the United States. It serves as a standardized assessment for universities to evaluate the student’s readiness for college.

If anyone is aiming for a great score on the SAT, he/she/they have to typically get a range between 1300-1600. It’s no secret that a great vocabulary plays a crucial role to get that kind of score, particularly in the reading and writing section.

For SAT candidates, Vocavive can be the best resource—as they have a lot of syllabus to cover, which can sometimes get overwhelming. An advanced vocabulary preparation with the Vocavive App allows students to understand complex texts, analyze the passages, and write the answers and the essay brilliantly.

A big number of our users have been relying on Vocavive to ace their SAT, and for them, it has proven to be the wisest choice.

For American College Testing (ACT)

Similar to SAT, the ACT exam also assesses a student’s readiness for university admission in the USA. However, ACT has a faster pace compared to the SAT—meaning students have to answer questions in a shorter amount of time.

Therefore, no time can be wasted getting stuck with a vocabulary. Consider this and think how much of a great help Vocavive app can be here. ACT candidates can get a competitive edge in their preparation, by using Vocavive, and land a great score.

For International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is taken by individuals who wish to study, work, or migrate to English-speaking countries and is recognized worldwide.

The highest band score in IELTS is 9. Any band score over 7 is considered to be a good IELTS score, as it indicates a strong command of the English language. Many have a misconception that vocabulary is not that important in IELTS. But that’s wrong. The IELTS assessment criteria clearly says that, in the Writing and Speaking section, vocabulary covers up to 25% of the total score!

The Vocavive app with its 60-lesson journey is an essential tool here. A wide-ranging vocabulary for IELTS Preparation can be a game-changer. Because, understand this – IELTS is a language test; and mastering a language comes down to a lot about how much vocabulary is in your adoption.

Hence, Vocavive ensures that IELTS test-takers are equipped with the vocabulary arsenal that can be gained best by practicing in an interactive way.

What Does A Lesson In Vocavive App Look Like?

Previously, you came to know that Vocavive has 900 Flashcard Words, which are organized in 60 lessons. In the app, a student is able to learn vocabulary in 5 steps. This 5-step module is designed in a way which allows you to learn vocabulary in a clutter-free way.

This means that when you are getting introduced with the definitions, you are only learning the definitions. When you’re learning synonyms/antonyms, you are only focusing on that. Same for practice tests too.

When you get started with the app, this method becomes tremendously helpful—because you are not cramming words anymore. All our life, we have been taught to learn a vocabulary, the synonyms/antonyms of it, the pronunciation—all at one go. This traditional approach amounts to no good output, as you will not remember the words for a long time; hardly a week.

Step 1: Learn Vocabulary and Definitions

In the first step, users are introduced to 15 vocabulary flashcards. One flashcard contains one word and their definitions on the back. Each word is accompanied by audio pronunciations to facilitate accurate pronunciation and improve listening skills. Learners have to tap and swipe through the flashcards to read and get initially familiarized with the words.

Step 2: Practice The Definitions

Users face the first challenge. Here, they will be given an Exercise Quiz and will be tested for their understanding and memory of the learned vocabulary. This interactive quiz format helps users solidify their learning goals right after learning ends.

Learn in Digital Flashcards With Vocavive - an app to learn new words everyday for exam preparation.
Learn in Digital Flashcards. First the Word. Then The Defintions.

NOTE: The quizzes provide immediate review, allowing learners to identify their mistakes. In all 3 of the tests, students have to pass with a minimum of 80% score to progress to the next step. If someone can not meet this score, they are prompted to try again. What this does is, it allows for more opportunities to revise and recover from the errors.

Step 3: Learn Synonyms and Antonyms

In the 3rd step, users learn the relevant synonyms and antonyms of the word, as available. This is beneficial as you get to discover words with similar or opposite meanings. Knowing more word means having more lexical options in your mind to enhance language proficiency and sophistication.

With this step, you also get the chance to broaden understanding of word relationships and the shades of meaning.

Step 4: Again, Practice

Like the previous steps, engage in targeted exercises, this time focusing on those synonyms and antonyms you just learnt.

These interactive exercises right after learning something allows for active application of your knowledge; resulting in better memorization. You also sharpen your skills in identifying appropriate word choices in various contexts.

Step 5: Final Practice By Sentence Implementation

In the final step, your knowledge about the word is solidified once and for all. Here, you will be tested with the application of the vocabulary in this lesson — by completing sentences with appropriate words.

Sentences will be given in fill in the blanks. From there, you have to type in the vocabulary and complete the sentence. This reinforces the understanding of word usage within sentences.

Learn Words By Applying Them In Meaningful Context
Learn Words By Applying Them In Meaningful Context

Additionally, it encourages you to develop a critical thinking skill and get habituated with real-world application of lexical skills. By learning words via meaningful contexts, you can connect with the vocabulary more.

Why Is Vocavive App The Best Alternative To Other Apps?

There are many vocabulary learning applications available on the internet. Some are free, some are paid.

However, free apps are not recommended even though they are….free. The word “free” is almost synonymous to “limitations”. Hence, some free apps will have word limitations. Some will have distractions and advertisements in them. Some other apps may be completely lacking focus by not having a proper curriculum needed for you to excel in exams.

Investing in a PREMIUM vocabulary app like Vocavive ensures that you have a qualified guidance. The learning module in Vocavive is focused on exam-focused resources, structured lessons, interactive interface, and a seamless learning journey.

Adding with that, the subscription fee in Vocavive App is extremely student-friendly. Compared to other paid applications available, the subscription fee is one of the lowest you can find.

For more context, here is a chart showing you the comparison of Vocavive and other apps like Magoosh, Wordup, Anki.

Comparison Feature  Vocavive Magoosh WordUp Anki
Accuracy of Content
Interactive Learning
Curated Word Lists
Exam-Specific Focus
Organized Learning System (In 5 Steps)
One-time subscription
Subscription Cost Only $6/Year $15/month = $180/Year $4/month = $36/Year Free
Learning tools Flashcards, quizzes, audio recordings, Flashcards, quizzes Mnemonics, spaced repetition, games Spaced repetition, flashcards, games

Why Do Students Vouch For Vocavive?

Practice is the cornerstone of Vocavive’s approach. For all language learners, aspirants and especially exam candidates, practice is the most essential part of mastering the vocabulary.

When other applications tell you to “watch this” or “learn that”; Vocavive says “Practice, Practice and Practice”. Because, let’s be honest. No language can be ever mastered without having practice. A lot of it. Think of how awful it would have been, if as a child, you were told to learn your mother language just by watching a couple of videos, or reading a few poems.

Since Vocavive has an exam-focused approach, it only makes sense when you are being made to practice your lessons for exams constantly. That’s why, there’s a total 180 Practice Exercises spanning across 60 the app!

Hear from our students in Vocavive - an app to learn new words everyday for exam preparation.
Hear About Vocavive App From Our Users

Why We Built Vocavive App: Hear from Product Manager

“Hello. I am Atikur Rahman, the Product Manager of the team behind the Vocavive App’s development. The aim at Edvive has always been to creating digital solutions to address the hardship that millions of students face in developing their English skills. Following this path, Vocavive was a crucial product that we envisioned after a long research & development period.

Vocabulary plays a crucial role in academic success, which is not a secret by now. I myself had to put emphasis on my vocabulary – back when I was applying to colleges in English-native countries. Not just me, but our whole team have had to put up with the struggles of learning vocabulary, during some stages of our academic periods.

With Vocavive App, we have built an application – providing a practice-first platform. English learning solutions are still not accessible at mass level to students. After talking with students and seeing their struggles of learning vocabulary for an ambitious dream, we wanted to offer a user-friendly app that combines effective learning techniques by using technology.

Today, I am proud to say that ever since the launching of Vocavive, the app has helped hundreds of subscribing students in their vocabulary building journey. We are very glad to be able to equip the bright minds throughout the world, who are discovering the Vocavive app and finding a personalized vocabulary guiding app needed to excel in their exams.”

Get Started in Vocavive: the app to learn new words everyday

By following these simple steps, you can easily enroll in the Vocavive App right now –

  1. Visit by clicking this link here.
  2. Choose the option that says “Vocavive App”
  3. Click on “Sign up” to create your account.
  4. Afterwards, choose your annual subscription plan, which is only just $6 USD.


Now, simply go to the Play Store on your Android phone and Install the Vocavive App. After installation is done, open the app and log in using the same account credentials you used during sign-up.

Start your vocabulary learning journey faster and awesome. Stay with Edvive.


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