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Vocavive App

Own 900 Vocabularies in
60 days with Vocavive

Suppose, you have a competitive exam (IELTS/TOEFL/SAT) coming up in less than a month, and you’re still struggling with the vocabularies. What would you do?

Simple. Don’t memorize anymore. Rather, learn by playing around with the words.

Get the ‘Vocavive’ app to swipe, play and practice powerful words — and ace your exams having a great vocabulary.

Benefits you get?

  • Learning 900 high-frequency English vocabularies
  • Developing knowledge about definitions, similar words, usages of words etc
  • Improving your English reading comprehension 10x
  • Getting better at expressing or communicating with the right words
  • Tracking your learning progress from Dashboard reports
  • Acing major competitive exams like IELTS, TOEFL or SATs where Vocabularies have high importance

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Peer-to-Peer English Speaking

Practice spoken english with peers
and mentors

Let’s ask you an honest question. As a child, could you ever learn your mother language if your mom and dad never spoke it with you? You would not.

Here, we’ve brought speaking practice wholly online for you. Become fluent in English by casually gossiping with speaking partners and mentor. You will be guided by a curriculum made by language professionals.

Benefits you get?

  • Becoming a smart English speaker
  • Making new friends while learning many communication hacks in English
  • Socializing with others and improving your listening ability
  • Getting confident to succeed at any Job Interviews, Formal Presentations, Language Tests etc
  • Learning important vocabularies for everyday usage
  • Understanding native English speakers better

Frequently Asked Questions

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Recharge your Tense with Coursebook App

Believe it or not, most of our English Grammatical mistakes start with Tense.

Yes. That one topic that none even bothers to study before the exam night.

We have taken this on ourselves – promising to RECHARGE your grammar. With 5 easy steps for each Tense and 35+ in-app exercises, everything related to TENSE is now in 1 app. Best part? It takes only 8 hours for you to master the topic.

Benefits you get?

  • Describing things that take place in different times e.g. Past, Present, Future — properly, without mistakes
  • Improving communication by being able to make consistent English sentences
  • Better identifying the common grammar mistakes that are made by all

Frequently Asked Questions

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